Hope On The Harbour

Watsons Bay – a name that gets thrown around a lot locally, but I’ve only been here twice. First time at the beach, arrived by ferry. It was here that a bunch of strangers gathered one day to mourn the loss of their loved ones, who took their own lives. I haven’t lost anyone I […]



I was looking up Reddit for ideas on keeping an organised personal diary, so that I can stop having random entries all over the place and, subsequently, stop being disorganised about it. A simple keyword search – “diary” – gave me no relevant result in the first three pages. Instead I got an interesting impression […]


NaNoWriMo 2nd Week Intermission: Failure

I already failed my NaNoWriMo. That statement is, of course, excluding the fact that the official winning condition of NaNoWriMo is writing 50 thousands words before the end of November, or the point that NaNoWriMo is a motivational challenge and therefore you can’t really “fail” it, but for one of the official achievements that I […]


Ode To A Lonely Soul

I bear the curse of a strange fate I am never where my love would stay I operate pumps of tears that would go to waste My poor heart, try not to break Gracious is love when we doth share Our minds and souls sparked a flare I took you into my dark deep cocoon […]



A giant rock in my mind Clogs my thoughts I break it down Now I end up with pebbles scattered throughout my mind Clogging the fine blood streams And they grow Into many more giant rocks Blocking my mind even further I shape the giant rocks Into buildings and structures Making a fancy prison Out […]


It’s All In Your Head

You walk through the darkness, deep into the night The chilling breath of night breeze is ever drawing nigh You look ‘round and ‘round for a sign to pinpoint a fault That let you blame, for the rising fear burning up your chest The ghosts, the wraiths, the monsters, whatever you can name No naked […]



When freshly sprouted leaves of Spring trees dance between rays of sunlight, the whole tree gives a pleasing visual akin to a shining, polished emerald. It glimmers and radiates its powerful colour, just like a gemstone. Trees are very much a variety of an emerald. Not one that can conveniently placed around your body and […]


Haunted by my own dreams

Dreams of who I want to be. Dreams of what I want to do. Not the dreams of others that impose false expectations onto me and cause me to project an incorrect image of myself. An image that’s not me. My true desires – they become a haunt when I stray too far away from […]