Rovine is an Italian plural noun for “ruins”. Singular version is “rovina”.

Rovine could also coincide with the word “roving”, World Roving, heeding the spirit of world discovery.

Rovina, Rovine’s singular sibling, was a renowned Israeli actress for its time.

What am I doing, roving through a world of ruins?

To put on an artistic mask in front of the skeptics, or to fall for the grips of despair in life?

Or maybe, just maybe, this is my true self, my true calling of a life intended for me, and nothing else?

Doom and gloom are not something everyone should avoid. Explore them in moderation, and you too will discover new depths of the world, bringing you more meaning than what you thought life was.

But of course, only if that, too, resonates with your true self.


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