A giant rock in my mind
Clogs my thoughts
I break it down
Now I end up with pebbles scattered throughout my mind
Clogging the fine blood streams
And they grow
Into many more giant rocks
Blocking my mind even further

I shape the giant rocks
Into buildings and structures
Making a fancy prison
Out of my own burden
For me to live and thrive
Within bounds and limits of my guilt and shame and fear
At least it’s useful now
Than a big stupid rock

But in the long term
It is just another shape of a giant rock
Continue to clog my mind
In a structural way

The prison expands all over my body
Upon my shoulders, weighing me down
Around my feet, slowing me to a crawl
Onto my knees, threatening to shatter them

Forget the relaxation techniques
For no amount of meditation will free us
From the dread of our existence that is
Animal instinct, time, space, death

The burden is ours to bear
A simple way to foreshadow the mortal lives
That is our endless question of existence,
Our instincts, our ages, our limits

For each burden that you have freed yourself from
You will find something greater
Until you admit defeat
To the fact that we are all animals in cages

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